Paradise Island


Yes.  Hawaii is literally paradise.

After roughly 6 days on Oahu, I can say with a certain degree of certainty that paradise is real.  It doesn’t come cheap, and you have to compete with thousands of other paradise-seekers, but paradise can indeed be found there.

I never considered myself the type that would stay in a resort. But age, fatherhood, and marriage can change one’s perspectives on many things, including the preferred type of accommodation for a family with a two-year old, and a wife who enjoys the finer things that backpacking doesn’t include.  I have nothing against backpacking nor anything against my wife.  My tastes have simply changed over time.

‘Did you go surfing?’


‘Well, you missed a great opportunity.’

That was the brief conversation I had with someone today.

I like surfing, even though I have only tried it twice in my life.  But I also love my son, who can’t surf yet, and is just trying not to drown while wading around in the kiddie pool with water wings. And I love my wife who would prefer other things to surfing.

So getting some surf lessons wasn’t high on my priority list, and I’m totally fine with that.  In short, I wouldn’t consider any time in Hawaii a missed opportunity of any kind, but rather, a fortunate experience just to be there.

I ate too much.

I applied plenty of sunscreen to my white skin.

I enjoyed discounted shopping.

I went to the popular touristy spots.

I had a bloody fantastic time.

So there, mister missed opportunity.



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