The Right Attitude

I remember something Tintin said at the end of a story: All’s well that ends well.  It’s simple, and doesnt really have a deeper meaning I think.  But it’s appropriate for the trip that I just recently completed.


I had misgivings about the trip ahead of time.  I was responsible for the safety, security, enjoyment, and general flow of the schedule for two people.  There were financial issues, and legal concerns, as well as miscommunication slip-ups that created a slightly uncomfortable and uneasy agreement between myself and the clients and almost threatened to derail the whole trip.  Nevertheless, I decided to continue through with the plan and I can point to the moment where I made that decision.

I sat down and thought about why I had planned the trip, and what factors contributed to me agreeing to do so.  I realized that all my anxiety and negativity concerning the trip could only result in something undesirable.  So I made a decision to think about the trip in terms of positive outcomes only.  I put aside all the what-ifs, and focused on the pluses that surrounded the trip; the reasons I decided to do it in the first place.  My mind had tricked me into thinking there were too many negatives for the trip to succeed; I merely had to revert back to my original mindset in order for everything to be right again.  If the trip had any chance of succeeding, then I needed to believe that it would.  Thinking the opposite was counterproductive.  So I flipped the mental switch and once again began imagining the best results.

I am what I think I am.  I become what I think I will become.

Thus the trip was a huge success.  It was a great learning experience in so many ways, and it started from the beginning with the correct attitude.