Who am I?

Here are few ways that I came to be who I am now.

When I was 19 I set off to explore Western Europe alone for 3 months.  It was my first solo adventure abroad and it instilled in me a profound sense of wanderlust.  Consequently, the next decade of my life was loosely dedicated to acquiring enough money that would allow me to travel.  I did this mostly by working as a bartender and a waiter.

During those years in the hospitality industry, summers were a blur of cocktails, fish-n-chips, greenback tips, bustling shifts, inebriated nights, and foggy mornings.  It was cyclical and stress-inducing, but just right for a young adult.  It was definitely toxic and mind-numbing, and it continued for a number of years.

One summer after another I took off for different locales: I explored Australia, went back to Europe, ventured down south to the States, and eventually crossed the Pacific, landing in the north of Japan, where in the middle of January the snow banks were 2 meters high, and the food extremely foreign and raw.

It was in Japan where I discovered within myself a passion for learning about cultures, but more specifically, people.  Never before had I witnessed something so unique and different from my own upbringing.  I had found a place that intoxicated me in such a completely natural way.

Thus began my now 17-plus year infatuation with Japan.  It continues to be a source of inspiration, fascination, financial reliability, gastronomic delight, and even tolerable frustration.  Japan is where I have chosen to call home for now, and I am content with that decision.

I try to explore everything: the perplexing, exciting, stimulating, and artistic sides of Japan and wherever I go.

The words and images on these pages are merely the observations made by a white, 40 year old male Canadian.  They are completely subjective.


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