A Day of Perfection


Pretty much perfect weather for a ride from Fukuoka to Tsunoshima, in western Yamaguchi prefecture.  I met up with Marty (real name withheld for privacy) in the Moji Port in the city of KitaKyushu on the northern tip of Kyushu.  Moji has some well-preserved historic buildings, remnants of a flourishing era of international trade since the late 19th century.


Across the bridge that connects the main island of Honshu with the island of Kyushu.


Up the coast of Yamaguchi on the Japan Sea side, north for about 60 kilometres until we reached the island of Tsunoshima.  We took some pictures before we crossed the bridge.


Once across the bridge, it was a short ride to a look out point, where a tall lighthouse and some ice cream shops were located._MG_9701

We grabbed an ice cream, and decided to head a little further north to a small town called Nagato.  We stopped for lunch, recharged our batteries, and took off once again, heading back to Kyushu.

The rode we chose to get back to Shimonoseki was a twisting, curvy, exhilarating ride.  It was absent of many vehicles, so we claimed its curves for ourselves, and abandoned caution in favour of fun.  It was one of the best roads I have encountered on two wheels.  I have video of it which I will edit into a short film one of these busy days.

Back across the bridge to Kyushu, and it was mostly an expressway ride back to Fukuoka.  It was warm, still sunny, and not too crowded, being a weekday.

We made it back to the city by about 7pm, and felt completely satisfied with our ride.  A few drinks later, and we called it a day.