Sharing Laughs and Ideas

Geoff came from Kobe to visit for a couple of days while I had time and space to myself.  We had ambitious plans to create 4 different short videos for the brand he represents.  It involved a cafe, a dog, and a bag.  We had a complete shot list, ways of shooting, angles and locations all scoped out.  It was to be a project of considerable planning and cooperation.  We succeeded in getting one quarter of what we had arranged to do.

While that may not be considered a glowing success rate, what we shared in the process of success and failure was just as important, if not more.  We realized that despite the geographic distance between us, our philosophical distance was almost negligible.  We share many similar approaches to creation and organisation.  However, where we differ may be in how we react to situations and people.

We did a lot of cycling.  The weather was perfect: not oppressively humid, breezy, and sunny and not excessively hot.  We drank and ate perhaps a little excessively – but we good food.  Watermelons, pineapples, apples, grapes, leafy greens, strawberries.  We did not limit ourselves.  We chose exactly what we wanted and proceeded to indulge.

Appreciating what we have in our lives; being happy in the moment; not stressing about the future; nor dwelling on the past; laughing; exploring…

These principles are foundational in the creation of a good life.  Best for me to remember  that….