Prioritizing Priorities

pender isl

What is most important for you (me) in life?

Do you (I) have a pecking order of principles/goals/ideals/morals?

How do I make decisions?

This is where it would help to know my own guiding principles, and perhaps having those life guidelines written down somewhere would be useful too, right?  But I’m not lingering here on my deficiencies – like how I have difficulty in keeping promises to myself, and how lazy I am.  I know this already.

Knowing, and being aware of my priorities is usually easy., umm..I think.  But maintaining the effort it takes to stay strict with myself is wherein the problem lies.

One thought…

Is making a decision because of money a bad thing?  No, right?  Or is it?

How about if I am in a position to help a friend? By taking less money.

I realized….

If the amount of money is not significantly bigger than what I want (give me this, give me that..) then whats the difference between the two choices?  It’s me.

I would feel like a dick if I asked for more, to do the same job I did before.  Why?

Why would I feel bad for asking for more?

Am I worth it?  Yes.

So why feel bad?

Because if I really wanted to help him – I do – then the money shouldn’t matter.

I say I want to help people.  I tell myself I want to elevate the people around me.

Here is an opportunity, also advantageous for me, beyond the good I would feel (sort of) for helping him.

If there is any part of me that thinks this is a bad idea, it’s the little pain-in-the-ass devil on my shoulder.

There goes one day!( …. more or less….not really, just 9-4…..) the little red devil would whisper in honeyed tones to my hairy ear lobe.


So I guess I have reached my decision.

Or have I….?  Shit, I don’t know now.

I’m gonna have to figure this out later.


Where do they lie…?




Faith in Youth


Today I met an inspiring young man, all of 18 years old.  He carried himself with grace and humility.  He was wise beyond his years.

He has recently returned to his home country after being away for 2 years.  Can you imagine?  Being 16, leaving your own country, going to school in a place where your own language is not used.  Could you handle it?  Would I have been able to?  I don’t know.  I know I was too wrapped up in my own seemingly meaningless youth at that point in my life to care about personal growth and challenges. Hell, it took me up until a couple of years ago to realize the way I did shit wasn’t really cutting it on the development front.

But the guy I met today has that going for him already.  It kind of restored my faith in the youth of today.  Because I know how sidetracked and carefree we can be as teenagers.  And this is Japan.  I know some shit happens here, but the kind of stuff I was doing as high school student in Canada was probably worse.  So I am aware of how messed up youth can be.  And not having family to help out and set you straight can be devastating.

It was just refreshing to meet a young dude with tons of potential and ambition.  But maybe I’m wrong and there lots of those types out there already.  I just hope my own son will listen to reason, have a supportive network and seek out opportunities.  I waited too long to do that myself.  I wouldn’t consider myself a failure by any stretch of the imagination, but I certainly wasted a lot of time doing nothing.  Knowing now how quickly time passes, I would give advice to youth -if they were to listen-to not waste time playing video games, hanging out in arcades (does those still exist?), stealing shit, doing drugs, getting wasted, fighting, etc…..all that dumb shit.

I definitely traveled alot when I was younger.  I would always say travel when you can.  I learned so much about myself that way.  Now, travel takes on a more relaxed and comfortable tone.  It’s less about challenging myself and more about pampering.  But when you’re young, there’s not much pampering, and that’s a good thing.  We need challenges to grow.

Again, back to the young lad I met today.  He is ready to take on the world it seems.  He is up for a challenge.  I respect that.

Made me feel good about the possible state of the world after my own kid(s?) grow up.  Cuz I know I haven’t done much to help it out.  Faith now lies in the spirited and dedicated youth of today.


Sharing Laughs and Ideas

Geoff came from Kobe to visit for a couple of days while I had time and space to myself.  We had ambitious plans to create 4 different short videos for the brand he represents.  It involved a cafe, a dog, and a bag.  We had a complete shot list, ways of shooting, angles and locations all scoped out.  It was to be a project of considerable planning and cooperation.  We succeeded in getting one quarter of what we had arranged to do.

While that may not be considered a glowing success rate, what we shared in the process of success and failure was just as important, if not more.  We realized that despite the geographic distance between us, our philosophical distance was almost negligible.  We share many similar approaches to creation and organisation.  However, where we differ may be in how we react to situations and people.

We did a lot of cycling.  The weather was perfect: not oppressively humid, breezy, and sunny and not excessively hot.  We drank and ate perhaps a little excessively – but we good food.  Watermelons, pineapples, apples, grapes, leafy greens, strawberries.  We did not limit ourselves.  We chose exactly what we wanted and proceeded to indulge.

Appreciating what we have in our lives; being happy in the moment; not stressing about the future; nor dwelling on the past; laughing; exploring…

These principles are foundational in the creation of a good life.  Best for me to remember  that….