Learning Never Stops

I’ve learned a few lessons in the past couple of weeks.  I have irritated myself with mistakes.  I have been disappointed by how I react to people or situations.  But in the end I have learned various lessons.  I observe myself during situations, realizing I am acting in specific ways – in ways that I wish I didn’t, but didn’t have the courage to act otherwise.  Afterwards, I looked back, and knew the mistakes I had made.  They were very clear.  I thought about how I would react the next time something similar happens, and I hope that I am able to react in a way that I would be happy with.

Most fears come from how I think people will think about me.  It happens everyday.  How will they look at me when I pick my son up from school?  I have visible tattoos in a society that doesn’t accept them.  What will that person think when I remind them of something they owe me?  Will they think I am a greedy person?  Even if they did, why should I care?  I know in my mind, what is right for me.  What other people think – or more specifically, what I think other people think – about me should really have no bearing on my own life.  BUT, yet it does.  It prevents from being me.  Actually, it is just me that is preventing myself.

Stuff happens in life, but it’s not the stuff that happens, but how we react to it that is most important.  The things that have happened to me in recent weeks are like signals from myself to indicate that I am unhappy with an aspect of myself.  The occurrences are indications that I need to change something, I need to learn something, I have some of deficiency, or some kind of ignorance.  Feelings of pain, anger, irritation, annoyance, bitterness, stubbornness are the feelings of growth.  The old cliche, no pain, no gain is literally true.  Without some kind of death, there is no life.

Every time some challenge occurs, something that I struggle with, something that bugs the hell out of me; these are little deaths.  The death of some kind of innocence, something I did not forsee, something that had to die in order for me to grow.  The thing is, there will always be these kind of deaths, some larger and more destructive than others.  I will learn to keep dying.

Months ago, I told myself that I need to make mistakes in order to learn.  And now, the fruits of my labour are being born.  Mistakes have been made, lessons learned, growth achieved.  These things are part of what makes me an adventurer.  What makes me feel uncomfortable will surely help me grow.  I don’t think I have ever achieved anything useful in a zone of comfort.  And I could point to times of discomfort where I learned the most about myself.

And that’s kind of what it’s all about: learning about myself.  learning what I am capable of.  Yes, it really is a hero’s journey, and I wouldn’t change it for anything else.


Sharing Laughs and Ideas

Geoff came from Kobe to visit for a couple of days while I had time and space to myself.  We had ambitious plans to create 4 different short videos for the brand he represents.  It involved a cafe, a dog, and a bag.  We had a complete shot list, ways of shooting, angles and locations all scoped out.  It was to be a project of considerable planning and cooperation.  We succeeded in getting one quarter of what we had arranged to do.

While that may not be considered a glowing success rate, what we shared in the process of success and failure was just as important, if not more.  We realized that despite the geographic distance between us, our philosophical distance was almost negligible.  We share many similar approaches to creation and organisation.  However, where we differ may be in how we react to situations and people.

We did a lot of cycling.  The weather was perfect: not oppressively humid, breezy, and sunny and not excessively hot.  We drank and ate perhaps a little excessively – but we good food.  Watermelons, pineapples, apples, grapes, leafy greens, strawberries.  We did not limit ourselves.  We chose exactly what we wanted and proceeded to indulge.

Appreciating what we have in our lives; being happy in the moment; not stressing about the future; nor dwelling on the past; laughing; exploring…

These principles are foundational in the creation of a good life.  Best for me to remember  that….



Pockets of Quality


Went to Sumiyoshi Shrine today.  We often visit there to pay our respects to various gods.  It’s this small pocket of greenery and serenity set amongst the dense concrete and ubiquitous vehicles.  It feels good, relaxing, refreshing…it smells good, it looks great, everything just clicks when you’re there.

Saw a literal fleet of of military helicopters drone past above us, not too far beyond the buildings above.


Yoko and Ty left for Tokyo today.  She presumably enquired of the gods’ assistance in helping her exhibition be successful.


She is as strong as this guy, if not stronger. All respect, all the time.

Changing gears….

Chatted with Geoff about this weekends plans for filming.  We both have visions and perspectives on how we want these short commercials to look and feel.  So the plan is to shoot as much as possible and play with some different ways to portray the shots.  At least, that’s kind of my plan, seeing as how he would prefer to be hands off with the production.

Got the green light, feel right, keep it tight.

Maintain and don’t refrain.

Ideas from incubation to manifestation.

Shorter the better.  Down to the letter.

Focused and smooth, find your groove.

A lot to learn, books are gold.

Stay straight, bad habits on hold.

4 dimensions, rounded being.

Spiralling up, effective.

Knock down ceilings,

always selective.